Fun & Games 🐾

Who does not love to play? For your puppy, it is not only fun, but also important to practice interaction and relationship with other dogs. Simply, building your pupps social skills.

Dogs play by hunting, wrestling, tackling and biting. It is usually completely harmless, but if it goes a little wild, you may need to intervene so that you do not risk your dogs and others safety.. Make sure that the dogs play on equal terms and that no one shows signs of not wanting to participate or that it is in pain.

Make sure to also play with your puppy yourself -  having fun together is important in building a strong relationship with your dog. Do not forget about play time when the dogs get older, even adult doggies like to play! 🌟

We take the opportunity to share our favorites:

Hide & Seek

Tug of war

Search (with sweets)

Tricks (teaching the doggy)

Enjoy & stay pawsome! 🐶

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Pernilla Westergren, Founder & CEO