Casual Recalls 🧡

Being able to call on your dog in all situations is important both for you and your furry friend. Partly for your safety, but also for those around you. You can start training when the puppy is small, then you can also easily catch up when needed (we have all been there 🐶).

How to practice? 

First and foremost - always have dog treats on hand and make sure it is fun and exciting to come to you! During the practise, if your puppy follows your command and comes to you, then you should praise your dog properly and when appropriate reward them with a small piece of candy. It is important to remember that this can be practiced both with and without a leash.

In everyday life, you can practice recalls during casual walks by calling on your dog when you notice that their attention is elsewhere. You can practice,  when your puppy is without a leash, by changing direction when you are out and about and recall your puppy to your position. Just make sure to be in a safe place where there are no risks with such a type of exercise. 

Your puppy will probably run after you when it notices that you are going in a different direction. As the puppy then gets older, other things will become more interesting, so it is important to practise recalls early and always make sure that it is associated with positive feelings and that something fun is happening

Did you not have the energy to read the entire text above?The vital thing to remember is to reward your dog and spoil them with positive reinforcement, then pracisting will go well.

Stay pawsome! 🐾


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Pernilla Westergren, Founder & CEO