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Änglarnas Kennel

Danish-Swedish farmdog

Änglarnas kennel breeds Danish-Swedish farm dogs. The kennel has been active since 2005 and is located in Bonnarp, Skåne. The family is active and the dogs often get to join all sorts of different activities. Since the kennel changed dog food to petgood, they have noticed a lot improvements, both for the puppies and for the adult dogs; they have balanced stomachs, looks great in the body, have better and shinier coats and eat petgood with a really good appetite. Nowadays the dogs happily wait at the food bowl until it's time to eat, which wasn't always the case earlier.

Our kennel has for some years now bred a Danish-Swedish farm dog. We are an active family who want to challenge the dogs' abilities. We often practise game tracks in the forest and before competitions in Rally Obedience. The dogs live as the breed should, with the family and happily do all kinds of activities!

It is now 4 months since we switched to petgood insect-based food. A litter of puppies has grown up with only this food for 8 weeks and the puppies have been great in the stomach and in their body. Our puppies are in some cases quite picky but they devoured every pellet with a good appetite. The girl that gave birth to this brood has stayed nice in body and flesh before and after puppies and has now 11 weeks after birth basically recovered completely.

"Our other adult dogs feel fine as well, their stomachs feel great. We also have an older male of 12 years who during the past year has had problems with fungus in his paws, but since we started with petgood, he has so far not had a relapse. In addition, his fur is better than ever. The rest of the dogs had good fur before, but now we experience their fur to be much better and shinier."

All dogs eat their food with an incredibly good appetite. The first few weeks they were a bit questioning as they always are with new food, but unlike previous types of food, they now happily wait by the food bowl until it's time to eat!

It is also a big plus that we can give our dogs this food with an extra good conscience!